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Jeff Westrom

His hats:
Co-Owner, President of Creative Services, designer of historical displays and groan-worthy puns

His other life:
Do-it-yourselfer who juggles multiple home improvement, landscaping and woodworking projects. Off the clock for JWM means on the job for his church, curating their art gallery and designing all things designable, like furniture selection and signage.

His passion repurposed:
Built his 3D creative muscle woodworking and remodeling at home. With 25 years under the (tool) belt, takes 3D creativity to the next level, designing and installing historical displays for clients.

Three things that make him feel alive:

  1. Celebrating two anniversaries: one with his wife of 38 years, the other with his business partner of 35 years.
  2. Watching kids and staff flourish.
  3. Three-dimensional design.