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Podcasting: The Other White Paper

A white paper is a great way to position yourself or your company as a thought leader in your industry. It can be an effective marketing tool when used as …

Media Databases: the Good, the Bad and the Yowza

It was time to research media database companies. Oh, joy. A media database is an important public relations tool because it gives us access to thousands of media outlets nationwide …

J.W.Morton Healthcare Work Honored For Third Year In A Row

It has been a great year for J.W.Morton and UnityPoint Health–St. Luke’s Hospital. For the third year in a row, J.W.Morton is happy to announce that the work done on …

Three Musts For An Effective Outdoor Board

Tips for compelling outdoor advertising.

Successful Ads Strike A Chord

Apple’s Christmas spot and a fundamental element of good advertising.

Got Toilet Paper On Your Brand?

Tips for avoiding branding embarrassment.

Dilly Bars for Everyone

“Office Madness!” the headline shouted from the front page of USA Today. Among the unafflicted, like me, “Office Madness” prompts images of letterhead in the wrong drawer of the copier …

Ad Agency 101: A Match Made on Madison Avenue

This article originally ran in The Gazette’s Business 380. So you want to work with an ad agency. Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? After all, look how glamorous we …

Dave’s AdFed Presentation

I recently made a presentation at Student Day for the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City AAF chapter meeting on Oct 21. Its fun to do these speaking engagements and I always feel …