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Public Relations

When Should I Hire an Agency?

If you want to beautify your front yard with exotic plants and a bubbling waterfall, you call a landscaper. If your hip has been feeling funny after a pick-up basketball …

The Buzz about Chat Bots

The chat bot, or bot (short for robot), is the thing these days. A bot is an artificial intelligence software program designed to imitate intelligent conversation. The bot interacts with …

Five Reasons to Redesign Your Website

What makes a good website has been a hot topic in the J.W.Morton office over the last several months, mainly because our website got a much needed redesign. We knew …

PR: Don’t Write The Obit Yet

My husband’s grandma, who came from Czechoslovakia as a girl and spoke broken English, used to push open his bedroom door with her walker every Saturday morning and demand, “Mikey! …

Want Media Coverage? Play The Game.

Why you need to do the interview.

PR: Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Why you shouldn’t overlook PR as part of your marketing strategy.