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What We’re Reading Lately

What We’re Reading Lately

Some keep us updated on industry trends and others remind us that the latest thing isn’t necessarily the greatest thing. Check out the books and blogs that have been sparking conversation around our office lately.


Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer

Read by: Jessica Joyce, Social Media Strategist

Takeaway: By engaging with negative commenters online and addressing their concerns, you have the potential to turn complainers into advocates. It’s in our nature to ignore the bad stuff but author Jay Baer asks us to ignore those urges and start a conversation. This book served as a counterintuitive reminder for social media managers that negative comments create an opening where you can connect.



They Ask You Answer
by Marcus Sheridan

Read by: Dave Morton, Co-Owner and President of Marketing Services

Takeaway: We heard Marcus speak at a conference recently in Iowa City and I left with an appreciation for his message about content marketing and today’s digital consumer, reiterated and expanded in his most recent book. Good insights into an underutilized and misunderstood strategy. It’s where we’re going. No, wait… it’s where we’re at.




Brand New by Under Consideration

Read by: Kristopher Sullens, Art Director

Takeaway: From the minds at graphic design firm Under Consideration, the Brand New blog analyzes new logos and branding efforts from around the world. Sometimes snarky but always sharp, the comparative analysis on new logos help designers keep their finger on industry trends. Plus, I’m pretty opinionated about identity changes so it’s always interesting to see what turns up in the comments section.



The Ad Contrarian by Bob Hoffman

Read by: Kevin Northway, Art Director

Takeaway: Bob Hoffman has led two U.S. and one international agency, creating ads for some of the world’s largest companies. With a resume like that, he clearly understands what good advertising is but sniffs out BS and doesn’t mince words. Although the blog (and book by the same name) often take a rather cynical angle, they serve as good reminders of how normal, non-industry people think about advertising.





Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

Read by: Katie Ramsey, Copywriter

Takeaway: Great tips for copywriters, especially when it comes to editing. Handley reminds her readers that regardless of the medium you are writing for – first drafts are the hardest but most important, revisions are not optional, and less words are better.


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