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Keep It Simple, Keep It Real

Keep It Simple, Keep It Real

St. Luke’s Hospital asked us to help them share exciting news. They are now offering radiation therapy for breast cancer during surgery, an innovative treatment called Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT), available at St. Luke’s Cancer Care through an international clinical trial. In a single dose, a patient receives concentrated radiation equal to three weeks of radiation treatment, but with fewer side effects and a quicker recovery.

The client wanted a TV spot to spread awareness of this new procedure. Our goal was to tap into the emotional element and prompt dialogue between patient and doctor. We put out a call for an actress who is a breast cancer survivor to be our on-camera talent. We found Nancy, whose personal experience with traditional radiation therapy gave her the voice of experience. She gives an impassioned delivery of our client’s information.

Sometimes the simplest approach can be the most effective. We’re pretty pleased with this, as is St. Luke’s.

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