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Your logo is like a handshake

The first handshake with a customer launches a relationship. Whether it’s warm and confident, bone-crushingly brutal, or a limp-wristed clammy calamity, you’ve broadcast who you are without speaking a single …

Marketing 101: Keep your eye on the ball

We learn a lot from our clients. We expand our knowledge of an industry, learn a skill or work with a new vendor to fulfill a client need. Recently a …

Below the Water Line

A lot of clients approach us with rebranding in mind. We’re more than happy to help. However, we find that there’s a little disconnect between our idea of “rebranding” and …

Media Databases: the Good, the Bad and the Yowza

It was time to research media database companies. Oh, joy. A media database is an important public relations tool because it gives us access to thousands of media outlets nationwide …

PR: Don’t Write The Obit Yet

My husband’s grandma, who came from Czechoslovakia as a girl and spoke broken English, used to push open his bedroom door with her walker every Saturday morning and demand, “Mikey! …

Successful Ads Strike A Chord

Apple’s Christmas spot and a fundamental element of good advertising.

Want Media Coverage? Play The Game.

Why you need to do the interview.

JWM Summer Interns 2013

Meet Austin and Maddie, our summer interns.

J.W.Morton Wins International Healthcare Awards

For the second year in a row, work created by JWM on behalf of UnityPoint Health/St. Luke’s Hospital is receiving recognition.

PR: Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Why you shouldn’t overlook PR as part of your marketing strategy.